Olabarri Club

We’d like you to feel like our Bodega is really yours, and that you join us in the winemaking process. You can do so by being a member of the Olabarri Club, which will allow you not only to have access to all our range of wines, but also to enjoy a Crianza and a Reserva wines not available elsewhere, limited to a very small number of barrels specially selected for this purpose.

You’ll be able to personalise your label for these wines, be it with your own name, your Company name, your group of friends, or the event you want to celebrate.  And also to have the opportunity to enjoy the use of our living room at the Anguciana winery, where up to 40 people can participate in your private event, be it a Company function, a family lunch or a get together with friends.

And of course, direct access to our winemaker who will also be yours from now on.

*Availability for whole barrel (240 bots) or half barrel (120 bots)

Bienvenido / Welcome

Soy mayor de edad según la legislación de mi país.

I am of legal age according to the lesgislation of my country.