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Olabarri Essence

80,00 IVA incluido

The essence of our most traditional wines. Feel the pleasure of the most characteristic elements of each of our wines in this pack.

What does this pack include?

– 2 bottles VIÑA OLABARRI Crianza
After 12 months in the barrel, it discovers all its essence from the moment you uncork it.

– 2 bottles VIÑA OLABARRI Reserva
A wine in which the wood gives us spicy and sweet notes.

– 2 bottles VIÑA OLABARRI Gran Reserva
The ripening and freshness of the fruit well assembled with the wood.

Shipping and VAT included


We have created this pack with wines of great value for money. Wines that are presented in a wooden box but do not really need presentation because they are traditional in its essence .

You only need a moment to want to enjoy it, a corkscrew, a glass and our Esencia Olabarri pack.

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