Plots of old vines, some owned by us and some with long term contracts with local growers , located in different areas within Rioja (Haro, Cenicero, La Puebla, Assa, Lanciego….) so that we may choose which grapes to use for which wines depending on the climactic conditions during the harvest in each area.

  • 15 ha of 40 year old vines planted on trellis lines in La Puebla, on clay and lime soils.
  • 50 ha of 50 year old bush vines in Cenicero, planted on large alluvial pebble soils.
  • 40 ha of vines between 5 and 60 years old in El Campillar, Assa, planted on  clay and lime soils.

  • 10 ha of 40 year old bush vines in Haro planted on clay and lime soils.

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