Bodegas Olabarri



Haro winery

A new building where we find different halls used for holding stainless steel tanks for winemaking, storing up to 4,000 French and American oak barrels for ageing wines, housing the bottling line, and storing up to 800,000 bottles as well as stocks of dry goods, respectively.


Anguciana winery

Built in the early 19th century, carved from the bare rock and built up with sandstone and oak and beech tree wooden beams. It consists of four different levels, one underground cellar for keeping bottles, one at street level holding 600 French oak barrels, another one further up for the steel tanks and French oak vats used for ageing wines, and the one at the very top used as a living area to entertain guests, equipped with a kitchen, toilets and a spacious lounge room and dining room area.

Bienvenido / Welcome

Soy mayor de edad según la legislación de mi país.

I am of legal age according to the lesgislation of my country.