Back to Rioja, ready to enjoy fresh and fruity wines.  With tapas, with the family, with friends, reading a book, celebrating, …. every day and every occasion is perfect to enjoy a wine.

Under Viña Olabarri brand we elaborate a white wine where viura will be the main grape variety and 3 red wines: Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva. We will not produce the Reserva and the Gran Reserva every vintage in order to assure it’s high quality.

Tempranillo is our main grape variety; and for the long oak ageing wines it will blended with small percentages of Graciano and Mazuelo.

Bikandi are our special wines, an ecological crianza and a long time French oak ageing selected vintage reserva. In both wines we use 100% Tempranillo selected grapes.

Viña Olabarri

Gran Reserva · Reserva · Crianza · Blanco

The VIÑA OLABARRI wines are a reflection of the fresh fruit that the land they come from produces. Updated classic style.

The bouquet shows a fruity style laced with raspberry, strawberry, plum, blackberry, licorice and spices, and a subtle, gentle oak character.

We’re true to our aim in making wines that invite us to enjoy another sip again.


Reserva · Crianza ecológico

To reflect the terroir, it’s minerality, complexity and character, all featured in a wine, restricts the range to a mere two wines, an organic Crianza and a Reserva that we’re able to produce in good vintages only.

Modern elegance.

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