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The return to the routine better with calm and wine

No alarm clock, no hurries, no stress, no worries and no schedule… That is what holidays are for, aren’t they? If we add to all this the sunshine, the endless days, swimming in the pool, the glass of wine you take at the beach and the incredible sunsets with your feet in the sand… we call it magic. But “All good things must come to an end”, as the proverb says and when holidays are over it is time to get back to reality.

Here we share with you some easy guidelines to ease the return to everyday life and to avoid the so-called post vacation syndrome.

  1. Attitude.
    Attitude is everything. We know that it is easy to get used to good life but we if we do our part for finding the positive things of getting back to routine everything will be easier for us. Think from a different perspective, reset the counter to zero and look for new goals and motivations.
  2. Planning.
    Catch up with your meals and sleep routines. It is important that your body regains its normal energy without suffering from too much stress. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, drink enough water and it will all help to reset your body and mind. Do it progressively and stress free.
  3. Physical activity.
    No matter that the “bikini challenge” is over, we should not become sedentary. Our body needs action and if you are not fond of sports, you can always walk daily for at least half an hour. This will keep your cells and neurons active.
  4. Calma.
    Calm. Enjoy every good thing of returning to routine, because it does have good things. Look for your special days, your relaxing moments, breath and take pleasure in thinking of the good holiday memories that will be in your mind forever. We are sure that if you do it while enjoying a glass of wine, they will make you smile.

Cheer up and good rentrée!

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