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Who does not like to get comfortable in the sofa with a glass of wine in your hands, watching a movie? That is for us a perfect plan: wine and cinema, a great pairing. Can you ask for more?

The seventh art has provided wine with a main role making it important in some of the most iconic films in history. Films of all kinds: drama, comedies, romantic movies and even scary movies have had wine as protagonist.

We would like to share with you a list of films where wine has the leading role that you must see (if you haven’t yet):


Miles convinces his best friend Jack to make a trip to visit some vineyards and taste wine in the Santa Bárbara region before Jack’s wedding. With the midlife crisis at the background topic, they search for the perfect wine or…is it the perfect life what they are looking for?

Entre copas


Frances, a writer going through a creative crisis after a difficult divorce process travels to Tuscany. There she falls in love with its breathtaking vineyard landscapes and decides to buy an old house that she rebuilds as so does she with her own life. A film with an amazing photography.

Bajo el Sol de la Toscana


Starred by the Oscar-winning Jack Nicholson playing a successful wine salesman, it tells the story of how his life falls apart when he gets involved in a series of robberies, love triangles and betrayals.

Sangre y vino


A high executive inherits without wanting it a French vineyard with a ruined château. Although at the beginning his plan is to get rid of it immediately, little by little he discovers the beauty of the vineyard and everything surrounding it. That makes him rethink his whole life.

un buen ano


Steven is the owner of a wineshop in Paris and wants to prove that there are great wines outside France. This is based on the real story of two dreamers that achieved that a Napa Valley wine was chosen in a blind tasting of French wines back in 1976.

Guerra de vinos

No matter if you are a wine lover or not, we are sure that these 5 films will make you have a good time. It will of course be better if you match it with one of our wines!

“A good wine is like a good film: it lasts a moment and leaves a taste of glory in your mouth; it is new with every sip and, as it happens with films, it is born and reborn in each taster”. Federico Fellini.

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