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Tell us how you are and we will tell you which wine suits you best.

It is widely spread that there is one type of wine that perfectly matches each type of person. The Latin proverb “In Vino Veritas (in wine there is truth) is right. This way, in your customs, likes and your essence lies the type of “nectar of the gods” that suits you best.

The Roman Civilization knew that after having enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine, the truth was delivered fluently and from Viña Olabarri we would like to tell you what your favorite wine talks about you. Keep reading because we will soon reveal that truth in the following lines…

According to the wine ageing.

uva tintaFor outgoing people…

If you are a happy, extrovert and charismatic person the most likely thing is that you match well with a Crianza wine. This wine is released after its third year and you can keep it for 5-10 years. We can say it is a wine as confident as its taster.

Crianza wines are bodied and nuanced. They are many times chosen by learnt people and/or with a university degree who love travelling to new countries, reading, writing and painting. Bohemian and open-minded souls who do not say no to meeting their friends.

If you think you belong to this group you must definitely try some our most popular wines as BIKANDI Ecological Crianza or VIÑA OLABARRI Crianza. Its black red fruit and oak aromas along with its minerality will make the difference. Its dark cherry color will appeal your attention before tasting it. It is a real pleasure that in good company will become some kind of sinful enjoyment.

For the more refined…

Do you think you are a smart, practical person with clear ideas? Are you able to appreciate small things in life but you know well what really matters? If you fit well in these characteristics, you might already know that your ideal wine is a Reserva wine.

These wines are aged for 3 years; at least one of them in barrel and the rest in bottle when it comes to red wines. In the case of white or rosé Reservas the ageing time is only of 2 years and they stay only for 6 months in barrel. These are very special wines and are valued by people with a quiet, moderate and even romantic character.

The taste of VIÑA OLABARRI Reserva will wrap you and will make you notice every hint of vanilla, red and black fruits, spices and toasted notes. It is a full-bodied wine but gentle as you are. Isn’t your mouth watering only with the thought of tasting it?

For those with a strong character …

Do you think that a strong character is something people usually remarks about you? f you think you are a focused, rational person but with a friendly and interesting personality eager to learn new things… Gran Reserva wines are specially made for you. It is known that for making them it is required a great quality grape and they need to be aged at least for 5 years (2 years in the barrel and the remaining time in the bottle).

If you are a curious person, you say what you think quietly and patience is your greatest ally here you have VIÑA OLABARRI Gran Reserva, a wine full of intense and penetrating aromas showing its fresh fruit-forward and mineral taste. It is appropriate for the wine connoisseur and for the great everyday moments.

For the type of wine you like we are sure you are…

White wines… for empathic and calm people.

Wine lovers say that white wine is generally chosen by women but we do not have it so clear. Gender is not a key factor when choosing between red, rosé or white wine. There are other factors as being a reflective and quiet person or even a good observer that makes you chose a delicious white wine. Empathy and calm are frequently attributes of people opting for white wines. VIÑA OLABARRI White is perfect for you! Can you notice its citric and pome fruit aromas? It is exquisite for every moment and its bright color with greenish sparkles will make of each gathering something special.

Rosé wines… for cheerful and original people

Lovers of rosé wine are visionary, smiling, different and why not, young people (remember you are as old as you feel). Rosé wine indicates personality features as friendliness, vitality, sweetness and sensibility. They are dreamers the love all new things life can offer to them.

Red Wines… for open-minded and charismatic people

Last but not least, if you like red wine you will likely be a confident and smart person with a charismatic and open character. We would like to recommend you a safe bet: a delightful pack called OLABARRI Essence made up by 2 bottles VIÑA OLABARRI Crianza , 2 of VIÑA OLABARRI Reserve and 2 of VIÑA OLABARRI Gran Reserva . They are traditional wines but as decisive as you are. You will be surprised by them no matter your personality if what you are looking for is to taste and taste.

And it is that in the end, the moments, the flavors, even how you decide to be, take life and wish, are issues that belong to you. For the rest, you just have to toast. Which one or which do you prefer?

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